Company Profile

Maddison Consultants Limited (Maddison Consultants) was founded in 1997 as a father and daughter enterprise by David Maddison and Micaele Florendo to provide responsive, quality consulting in the areas of forestry, biology and environmental resources. After 45 years working in the forestry sector, David Maddison retired in 2015.

Micaele Florendo is a registered professional biologist in both British Columbia and Alberta with over twenty years of experience in biophysical assessments, wetland classification, wetland delineation, botanical surveys, ornithological surveys and riparian assessments. Micaele Florendo is currently the President and Principal Biologist of Maddison Consultants Limited.

Maddison Consultants continues to provide sound assessments for development projects as a legacy for future generations.

Services include:

  • Environmental Assessment: ecological surveys, ornithological surveys, botanical surveys, biophysical site description, biological reconnaissance, and constraints analysis.
  • Wetland Classification and Delineation Assessments.
  • Habitat restoration: assessment, development, restoration implementation and maintenance monitoring, watershed assessment prescriptions.
  • Mapping: habitat mapping and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

Mrs. Florendo provides biological and environmental services throughout BC, Alberta and southern California.

Lower Mainland office:
Mobile 604.838.2321
Micaele Florendo